Taxis in Kilkenny

Taxis are a great way to get you around Kilkenny city and county.

What can you expect of taxis in Kilkenny?

  • There is a standard rate and a premium rate National Maximum Taxi Fare.
    • The standard rate applies from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday.
    • The premium rate applies at night from 8 pm to 8 am and on Sundays and public holidays.
    • There is also a special premium rate which applies between 8 pm on Christmas Eve and 8 am on St. Stephen's Day and between 8 pm on New Year's Eve and 8 am on New Year's Day.

The National Maximum Taxi Fare consists of 3 separate parts:

  • Initial charge: amount which appears on the meter at the beginning of the journey. The national initial charge is €3.80 standard rate and €4.20 premium rate and includes an initial distance of 500m, or a period of 85 seconds.
  • Further travel: after the distance/time included in the initial charge has been exceeded, the fare for further travel is calculated at small portions of the journey. At low speeds, or when a taxi is stationary, the fare is calculated on the basis of time. Once the taxi exceeds a certain speed, the fare is then calculated according to the distance travelled using graduated tariffs.
  • Extra charge: there are strict rules about extra charges that can be levied. These include a booking fee, additional passenger charges and a soiling charge.

Ireland’s TFI Driver Check App

Ireland’s TFI Driver Check App is a service provided by Transport for Ireland. It allows users to check that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate license to operate the vehicle.  If the information appears incorrect, it is possible to submit a report.

Users can check these details, including a photo of the driver, and can forward this information to a friend (minus the photo). This is to provide reassurance to the user that they are travelling safely and that there is a record of their trip.

All of Ireland’s taxis, hackneys, limousines and all SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicles) drivers are covered by this app

  • Users can search by:
  • The car registration number.
  • The vehicle taxi licence number (displayed on roof-sign and on door signs).
  • The driver licence number (displayed on the ID card on the dashboard of the vehicle).
  • Scanning appropriate QR codes, which are located on a disc on both the front and rear windscreens.

You can download the app free from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad, or Google Play store for Android devices.


Not satisfied? If you have a bad experience, complaints can be made to or call 0900-202 1881 (between 09:00 and 17:00). To make a complaint, you need the number plate or taxi number, the date and the time of the journey. These are on your receipt.

Taxi operators in Kilkenny

Kilkenny Corporate Taxi         (087) 971 7313

Taxi                                         (086) 777 7793

Ray Cabs Taxi Services            (086) 888 2777

Call A Cab                                (056) 776 1300

Martin Butler Taxis Kilkenny   (087) 777 7677

telacab taxi service                 (087) 764 1144

Dial-a-Merc                            (051) 895 121

Ace Cabs                                 (056) 777 2777

Kilkenny Taxi Service              (056) 776 3017

Town & County Taxi               (056) 776 5714

Jim Dwyer                               (087) 775 1777

7 Sevens                                  (056) 777 7777

Brown Nicky                            (087) 776 3000

Delaney Billy                           (056 )772 2457

Kilkenny Katz Taxi Service      (087) 222 6077

Nicholas Grace Taxi                (087) 775 6000

McCormick Dominic               (056) 779 0290

Thomastown Cabs                  (087) 656 2620

Seven 7's Cabs                        (056) 775 2000