Before You Move


Moving to Kilkenny

Moving somewhere new is always a big step, especially if you’re moving to a new country. But don’t let that worry you, relocating to Kilkenny is easier than you might think. Below we’ve created a short guide to help you get ready for your move.

Rights of residency

If you are a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or of Switzerland, you have the right to stay in Ireland, and your family members have the right to stay here also. There are some limits to this right, however.

You can stay in Ireland for up to 3 months without restriction. If you plan to stay more than 3 months, you must either:

  • Be engaged in economic activity (employed or self-employed) or
  • Have enough resources and sickness insurance to ensure that you do not become a burden on the social services of Ireland or
  • Be enrolled as a student or vocational trainee or
  • Be a family member of a EU citizen in one of the previous categories.

When you come to Ireland you do not need to register with the local immigration officer and you do not need a residence card to live here. If you wish to have a record of the residence in Ireland you can register with your embassy of your country in Ireland.

People who are citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) are entitled to live in Ireland without any conditions or restrictions.

If you are not a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, there are various forms of residence rights (permission to remain) that allow you to live in Ireland. Find out more here. Permission to remain in Ireland is granted by the Department of Justice and Equality and consists of a special stamp endorsed on your passport. This is usually called a residence stamp. If you are granted permission to remain, a certificate of registration is endorsed on your passport. Depending on the circumstances, members of your family may be able to come to Ireland with you, or to join you when you are here.

 Moving with your pet

The importation of pets into Ireland has always been strictly controlled to ensure that diseases such as rabies are not introduced. The EU system of Passports for Pets allows cats, dogs and ferrets to travel between EU member states. Pets from higher risk non-EU countries will also require a blood test. For further information click here.

Finding work in Kilkenny

Kilkenny city and county is a thriving international hub for local, national and international businesses. We have created a comprehensive guide with all you need to know about working in Kilkenny. If you’re new to Ireland be sure to take a look at our section on creating an Irish CV/resume to help you get ahead when applying for jobs.

Arranging housing

Finding the perfect place to live in Kilkenny can be daunting, however, once you’ve done your research and sought advice from local professionals, you’re sure to find the ideal home for you and your needs. When searching for accommodation in Kilkenny there are three options: private rentals, buying property and public housing. Find out all you need to know to help you arrange housing in Kilkenny in our dedicated housing section.

Look at the local schools

It is easy to begin researching schools before moving – most schools have contact information online and welcome preliminary contact from the parents of potential students. They may also be able to email/post information to you on their particular educational offering.