Callan is a market town and also the largest town in County Kilkenny. Situated 16 kilometres south of Kilkenny, Callan most notably was a location for Neil Jordan’s film ‘Breakfast on Pluto’ starring Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson. During the two weeks of filming in Callan, the main streets of the town were transformed for use in the film.

About Callan


If you’re taking a trip to Callan, Fennellys is a must visit. Formally a bar, grocery, dairy and undertakers, and a key hub of activity on the street which has now been transformed into a space where people can come and have conversations. The interior remains more or less as it was, with the addition of old furniture, fittings and esoteric decorations. Fennellys regularly holds events, such as film nights, with dinners and you will sometimes find bands playing outdoors beside the old barn.

Edmund Rice Heritage Centre

Visit the Edmund Rice Heritage Centre in Callan which is home to the birthplace of Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers. The thatched house at "Westcourt" in Callan in which Edmund was born on 1 June 1762, is almost 300 years old. The six roomed house consists of a kitchen, parlour, breakfast room and three bedrooms. Of particular interest is the bedroom in which Edmund Rice was born. To this day it still retains many artefacts of a late 18th century Farmer's home. Also on the site is the Edmund Rice Memorial Chapel and a large visitors’ centre.

Callan Motte

Callan Motte is a must see if you are in Callan, it is around 12m high and over 40m long. A wooden tower is long gone from the top. It was built around 1217 when the town of Callan was chartered. It is said that Cromwell positioned cannons on it during the ill-fated siege of Callan in 1650. The Callan Motte is best viewed from the new bypass.